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Winter Wardrobe

As most of the garden goes to sleep for the winter, this plant, Fatsia Japonica, summons up all its energy to produce these striking flowers. They remind me of fireworks. It's as if this otherwise unassuming, conservatively dressed plant, that is normally overshadowed by its more glamorous neighbours, waits until all the colourful blooms of spring and summer have passed by and then flings open its jewellery box and picks out its most lavish brooch, pins it on its dark green cape and strides proudly down the street, turning heads as it goes.

It’s an inspiration to us all. Don’t be drab just because your summer tan has faded and you’re feeling the effects of one too many convenient take-aways. Even if back in black is where you feel safest right now, grab a colourful scarf to throw around your shoulders or a sparkly pair of earrings and be brave. We can all take a lesson from nature.