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Working 9-5

Having five people, all home-working/schooling, in our small coach house has been a challenge over the past year and it got even more challenging when our eldest finished university and started her graduate trainee programme after Christmas. While she considers her future living arrangements and saves some money to facilitate a mortgage or rent, she's working from her small bedroom and that is a challenge with the amount of stuff she has, not least the hardware needed for her job - two monitors, laptops, speakers etc. So, in an effort to make the space a little more conducive to work, my husband decided to build her a desk.

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The certainty of chance

I don't know whether it's just lockdown messing with my head or whether there's something more spooky at play but there have been just a few too many coincidences in my life recently.

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Magnolia magic

I was delighted to see my magnolia tree covered in blossoms this week, possibly the finest crop that it has had for several years. And while googling magnolias and how to care for them (because we've never done anything with this tree), I happened upon a recipe for pickling magnolia flowers! Wait! What? Magnolia flowers are edible? I stopped in my tracks and, forgetting entirely about the care of the tree, I started investigating the flowers instead.

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