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Sew surprising

Who doesn’t like a surprise? One of my favourite childhood birthday party games was ‘pass the parcel’, passing a parcel wrapped in multiple layers of paper from party guest to party guest until the music stopped and whoever was left holding it, removed a layer. This continued until all the layers were removed and the guest who removed the last one kept the gift inside.

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Colour me Brave

There’s comes a point in your life when you cross over that threshold of doing what is expected, what is predictable and instead veer into the territory of doing whatever the hell you want, when you want, and you refuse to be a slave to social norms any longer or to care about whether people think you’ve lost the plot. That point with me happened 10 years ago when I decided on a whim to dye my previously always highlighted hair red.

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Restorative powers

I think I mentioned in a previous blog post that I bought a little sketch at one of the online auctions a few weeks ago. I hadn't intended to buy it, in fact I hadn't even noticed it when perusing the catalogue but as I was waiting for some of the lots that I was actually interested in to come up, I was keeping an eye on the bits in between and suddenly this little sketch appeared. It's by Mildred Anne Butler, a very well-known late 19th/early 20th century Irish artist, and the simplicity of it and of course the subject (a cat stalking some crows) appealed to me so I bid on it and got it.

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