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Sandwiches never tasted so good

My brother loves sandwiches and has spent a great deal of time eating them and making them. Get him onto the subject of a sandwich and he will happily wax lyrical for hours. He works in financial services but honestly we know more about his ideas for his eventual sandwich shop than we do about what his current job actually entails. There are jobs and then there are passions. Food, and more specifically the sandwich, is his passion. So, when I pondered what to get the man who has everything and who is also a known shopaholic, for his birthday, I came up with the idea of sandwiches.

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My Cup of Tea

A package was delivered to me one morning a few weeks ago. I wasn’t expecting anything. It was from a friend and arrived a few days after my birthday. Now I have all but stopped exchanging birthday gifts with friends except on significant birthdays or if I happen to come across something that I know a person is looking for or has admired. It’s all become a bit haphazard. Anyway, I wasn’t expecting a gift so when this package arrived, I was genuinely surprised. And upon opening it, the contents were even more unexpected. They were a cup, a saucer and a plate.

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This old thing

Does anyone else feel the weight of history of certain objects? What I mean is that sometimes when I take down an old book for example, I can’t help but wonder who has held it in their hands before, in what setting, in what year. Or indeed when I know absolutely who owned the book before me and who would have leafed through its pages, I feel an instant connection with that person and, if they are no longer around, it’s very comforting.

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