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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

'There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.'
Edith Wharton

What is a home without mirrors? Not only are they functional, look attractive and furnish a wall but they give the illusion of space, bounce light around a room and create moods, depending on what is reflected in them. With so many styles to choose from, spaces within a home can be transformed by the addition of some strategically placed mirrors. Here an Italian art deco style mirror reflects light around a hallway as well as being in the perfect location to have a quick check before heading out the front door. In the living room, you can see a small portion of a large, early 20th century, overmantle mirror. It bounces light from a standard lamp around what is otherwise one of the darkest rooms in the house.

There are a few golden rules though that should be adhered to when placing mirrors and feng shui principles apply here. Never place a mirror facing the front door (or facing any door for that matter), place mirrors where they reflect beautiful things, generally mirrors have no place in a kitchen, unless on a wall well away from the actual cooking area. Mirrors are also tricky in a bedroom and certainly should never be placed either over the bed/headboard or at the end of the bed. No one is going to feel relaxed having a heavy object over their head while they sleep nor does one want to awaken to the shock of one's own reflection!

Generally, though, it’s all about flow. Mirrors shouldn’t block flow, hence why they shouldn’t be placed opposite a door. Nor should they make you feel uncomfortable. And, finally, they should reflect pleasant and beautiful scenes. You won’t go far wrong if you bear these three principles in mind.