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Celebrating Style Instagram Challenge

We all have our own individual tastes, we all appreciate different things, we all notice different things, and all these combine to give each of us a unique style. That’s what makes us interesting and that’s what Whistle + Whisper is all about.

So, with this challenge we want to celebrate your style. Starting on Monday, 1st February, post a photo each day that fits that day’s theme. Feel free to think outside the box but mainly go with your heart or your sense of humour when picking things to photograph, perhaps even items that have a little story attached. The challenge runs for 10 days. Post every day or dip in and out, share on your feed or on stories, the choice is entirely yours. And don’t forget to tag @whistleandwhisper and use the hashtag #celebratingstylechallenge so we see that you’ve posted.


1st Feb Shoe style


2nd Feb Favourite kitchen implement


3rd Feb Desert island essential


4th Feb Blue


5th Feb New lease of life


6th Feb Broken beauty


7th Feb Guilty pleasure


8th Feb No longer my style


9th Feb Hanging in my home


10th Feb Hidden away